Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing the values, vision and mission of the academy is very important. Their focus – competition, growth, balance, or anything else – should align with your expectations to get off to a great star.

When your kids are young, the director should consider age, skill, interest and family circumstances to help you create a schedule, which may include multiple sports to balance growing bodies. A rule of thumb is not to exceed one hour per year of age. If your kids are older, are there expectations to hit the weight room or participate in team runs in addition to a busy practice schedule, for example?

This question helps you know how your child can grow within the program. Ask things like whether players are grouped by skill or age and the academy’s approach for reaching advanced goals. For teens who are hardworking and gifted, find out if the academy has a record of scholarship placements or other specialty outcomes.

The parent would have to register the child (online / offline) for the age- appropriate class and level of training and submit the required documents accordingly. On completion of the registration process, parents will be invited for an interaction with the Principal and the Head Coach. Admission will be confirmed on the payment of the fees.